Green business and leadership programme for professionals & experienced managers

In May 2021, cewas kciked off its first Middle East Green Entrepreneurship Program for professionals and experienced managers in cooperation with Bookbridge. The programme has aimed at empowering professionals with a view toward opening up, embracing change and co-creating tangible, sustainable and impactful solutions. Specifically in the Middle East, where complex social, economic and environmental challenges exist, effective leadership is of paramount importance. Thus, the new program helped the participants develop their business and leadership skills through experiential learning. Participants of the program have been able to create a worthwhile tangible business as an outcome of the program.

This 6-month part-time program involved 16 learning days over 6 months. The module dates were:

Module 1: May 18-20, 2021, Willisau, Switzerland and Amman, Jordan

Module 2: Jun 12-19, 2021, Jordan

Module 3: Aug 17-19, 2021, Willisau, Switzerland and Amman, Jordan

Module 4: Sep 15, 2021, Virtual

Module 5: Oct 20-22, 2021, Willisau, Switzerland

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