Green Incubation 2021

cewas, in partnership with Injaz has just launched its new green incubator to foster entrepreneurial solutions created by Jordanian youth in an environment where they unleash their creativity. In this program, cewas will leverage the entrepreneurs' strength to shape their ideas into successful businesses and push their innovations out to the market.

The 9-months incubation program is mind-opening in so many ways as the entrepreneurial journey progresses with participants accumulating knowledge and experiences, and ultimately enabled to pitch well-crafted ideas. During the first module, entrepreneurs were encouraged to self-explore their motives, visions, and the environmental or social impacts they seek to achieve. They were introduced to fundamental concepts related to persona profiling, product appropriateness, and market size estimation.  

Besides the activity-based training modules, cewas applies various coaching techniques to guide each entrepreneur individually towards achieving their goals. Furthermore, the new cohort will benefit from the different networking and matchmaking opportunities that cewas can offer.  

During this module, the startups are introduced to the programme, so as to get a deep understanding of the entrepreneurship journey and the entrepreneur's success factors

Time: Mar. 27 - April. 2 2021

Throughout this hands-on module you test different elements of your business model, including your prototype(s). Analyze specific market segments and generate feedback that allows you to turn your water and sanitation idea into a feasible solution. You will learn how to attract customers, improve your product or services and make your first sales experiences.

Time: May. 26 - May. 29 2021

Drawing on information gathered in Modules 1 and 2, you establish a viable marketing mix considering promotion, placement and pricing of your products and services. In parallel, you will dive deep into cost structures and revenue streams to turn your idea into a financially viable solution. Count with the key elements of a convincing business plan by the end of this module.

Time: Jul 14 - Jul 17 2021

You have a great idea and now it is time to test it with external experts, investors and potential customers. Develop your networking strategy and perfect your pitch. You will have the chance to win prizes by presenting your pitch to a panel of judges.

Time: Sep 8 - Sep 11 2021

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