Knowledge and training

cewas Middle East focuses on strengthening the local capacity of water and sanitation practitioners and entrepreneurs in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine. We develop knowledge material in English and Arabic to support our capacity development activities and provide tools for local and international humanitarian actors, local universities, governmental authorities and NGOs already operating in the fields of water and sanitation. We run short- and long-term training and coaching courses that aim at activating a change in the planning, implementation and maintenance of sustainable sanitation, water and resource management systems at local level. With our experience in business development, water and sanitation, project management, governance and change management, we are able to prepare and implement training packages for the needs of different stakeholders.

Communications and media training on water 2018

Sustainable and Sanitation Water Management: Training the Trainers (ToT) in Lebanon 2018

Resource Recovery and Reuse (RRR) Entrepreneurship in Palestine 2019

Design thinking For environmental solutions workshop in Amman 2019

Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management training programme in Iraq