Design thinking For environmental solutions workshop in Amman 2019


cewas Middle East with other partners have conducted a workshop on Environmental Design Thinking in Amman, Jordan. The 3-day course workshop has integrated design thinking approaches with environmental sustainability and followed a participatory, cross-institutional and interdisciplinary approach. While outlining the programme, emphasis has been placed on encouraging participants’ interaction: besides face-to-face lectures, group works and case studies, field visits to existing projects and role-plays reveal creativity and make participants think in a holistic way. The goal of design thinking workshops is to practice the application of design thinking methods and tools for selected environmental issues and activate a change in the development of solutions. The course will empower participants to conduct a creative, needs-based ideation process for environmental business ideas. The focus within the environmental sector lies in the area of water, sanitation and waste. For more information and details, contact one of our country managers or write us at