MENA Regional Innovation Hub

Water and Energy for Food Grand Challenge (WE4F) is coming to the Middle East and North Africa to promote local, sustainable, and innovative solutions for challenges in the water, energy, and agriculture sectors.

The MENA region is subject to many challenges including water scarcity, environmental degradation, unemployment, conflicts and increased migration. Tackling issues in the water-energy-food nexus is imperative to achieve political and social stability, gender equality and inclusion, food security, and sustainable development. The MENA RIH supports innovators that work in the region and produce more food while using less water and energy. Together with investors and other partners, the MENA RIH works to scale mid-to-late stage enterprises that have an environmental and social impact in the water-energy-food nexus. Based in Beirut, Lebanon, the MENA RIH supports innovators in the following countries and territories: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, The Palestinian Territories, Tunisia, Sudan, and Yemen.

The Middle East and North Africa Regional Innovation Hub (MENA RIH) is proud to announce its launch. The MENA RIH is ran by a team of locally-based implementing organizations; Berytech cewas, Chemonics Egypt and IWMI and with the support of experienced and dedicated governmental founding partners. The MENA RIH will offer a variety of programs and interventions for innovators, dedicated investors and partners, regional governmental institutions, international organizations, and the interested public.

The MENA RIH is firmly embedded in the global WE4F framework and joins a range of other Regional Innovation Hubs hailing from West Africa, East Africa and South and South East Asia. As a cornerstone to its work, the MENA RIH aims to develop relationships with potential partners, investors, and innovators to explore opportunities for collaboration. Examples of such opportunities include: technical assistance and investment options; de-risking of investments through grants, soft loans, and other tailored financial instruments; and the joint creation of a supportive enabling environment.


WE4F is a joint international initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands, Sweden through the Swedish International DevelopmentCooperation Agency (Sida), and the U.S.Agency for International Development (USAID).

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