Entrepreneurship & business support

Dwindling natural resources, pollution, mismanagement of existing resources, rapid urbanization and climate change. These are the unsustainable trends that dominate our present and potentially of our future. Radical transformations in the management of these systems are required, but cannot be brought about by conventional industrial solutions, governments or development aid alone. Innovators and entrepreneurs have increasingly been inventing and applying technologies and services for a green revolution in the Middle East. To support them, we offer professional training, coaching, networking and consulting in business development to create more sustainable and innovative solutions in water, sanitation and resource management. Since 2016, we have been supporting more than 100 start-ups, existing companies and organisations in developing and implementing new solutions in the environmental sector and continue to build a vibrant community of green entrepreneurs. We support entrepreneurs at all stages from ideation, incubation and acceleration to scaling

Green incubation programme in Jordan 2019/2020

Middle East green entrepreneurship program

Innovating water, sanitation and waste solutions in Iraq

Two start-up programmes in Lebanon, 2018 - 2019